Can the Dog Days of Summer Actually Prevent Seasonal Illness?





The short answer is: yes.

During these gorgeous, long days of summer, all of those annoying seasonal illnesses seem to be a lifetime away - as it should be. But the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine says that we can actually harness this current state of health and use it to bolster ourselves against the barrage of fall, winter and spring issues.

Known as San Fu Moxa, this preventative treatment harnesses the abundant Yang energy of the summer with the purpose of carrying it through to help us during the darker days of winter.

As a teacher I work long hours, easily 50-60 hours a week, and am regularly exposed to children with colds. Every year of my career I have had at least three colds with symptoms that would last weeks because I have asthma. Last summer I received the San fu Moxa treatments and have not had a cold or any asthma symptoms all year. It was such a gift getting acupuncture treatments from Delphine. I have felt so much stronger this year
— A.D.

San Fu Moxa: How Does it Work?

The actual treatment involves applying small ‘patches’ of a blend of ground herbs to special acupuncture points on the back. These poultices are left on for several hours, and the process is repeated on the three most Yang days of the year, which are determined by the Chinese Celestial Calendar.

The special celestial dates for 2018* are:

Tuesday * July 17

Friday * July 27

Monday * August 6

Thursday * August 16

(*Applications can often be performed on nearby days as well.  However, an interval of 7-10 days should be maintained between the 3 consecutive applications.)

Special Note: Last year, I had a few patients who could only make it for one application, not on the correct day, and still showed benefits… so some is still better than none… let’s strive for perfect but embrace what’s possible!

Does it Work? (enthusiastic YES)

I have been curious about this treatment method since hearing about it over 10 years ago, while studying at International College of Traditional Medicine of Vancouver. Last year, the first summer in my new little clinic, I gave this treatment to some of my regular patients who fit the profile for San Fu Moxa treatment. The benefits I’ve observed this past fall, winter and spring have been nothing short of impressive! So of course I want to share it with all of you.

Who Should Check it Out

If you are the type of person to struggle with asthma, seasonal allergies, sinusitis or just seem to be particularly vulnerable to every passing cold (all that coughing!), you’ll definitely want to book in. San Fu Moxa is for you.

Make an Appointment

You may add San Fu Moxa at the end of your regular treatment - on or as close as possible to the special dates - or please sign up for the drop in times when you will need just 5 - 15 minutes to come in and have them applied.

Traditionally, a doctor of Chinese Medicine would only receive payment as long as their patients remained healthy. The name of the game is to prevent illness. So join the revolution of preventative care, starting with the brilliant ancient tradition of San Fu Moxa. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?).

My Gift to YOU

This year’s San Fu Moxa patches are a gift of gratitude. It’s my way of saying thank you for a beautiful first year in my clinic! My healing home is your healing home.