When our fluids are balanced, so is our health.

Roughly half of our body weight is water. Healthy fluid balance translates into a healthy energy flow. When our fluids are blocked, the health implications can be systemic. An acupuncturist can skillfully diagnose physical imbalances and blockages in the body and treat them accordingly to help the body become efficient in fluids metabolism again

Systemically, a fluid disruption, phlegm accumulation or stickiness in the body (dampness) can lead to:

  • sluggishness
  • weight gain
  • temperature control issues
  • fertility complications
  • tumours
  • cysts
  • nodules
  • impaired health of ligaments and tendons
  • circulatory blockages
  • neurological complications including neuropathy and tremor conditions
  • skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis

Restoring the efficient metabolism of fluids and excretion of waste fluids has global benefits for our physical and mental health. 

Of course, resolving fluid imbalances is not typically a quick fix. Empowering lifestyle changes including food cures, movement and sleep habits are key factors in success.

Collaborating with primary health care for appropriate tests, treatments and ongoing care for serious conditions is ideal. In trickier cases, I may request to collaborate with an herbalist, nutritionist, and/or naturopath to help with more detailed guidance for diet and supplement care. 


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