Delphine Baumer RAc ~ Registered Acupuncturist 


Like you, Delphine believes that people heal best in a supportive, caring environment. She is committed to using her time honoured craft to help you feel your absolute best and arrive at a state of optimal health.

Physical pain and emotional distress are strong signals of an imbalance in the body. By carefully assessing your symptoms and treating the root cause of the imbalance, Delphine provides an environment where true healing takes place.  

After eight years of practicing in Vancouver clinics, Delphine opened her own Acupunture clinic in the Vancouver downtown area in 2017.

She enjoys collaborating with her patient's chosen team of practitioners. As well, Delphine has some excellent relationships with some of the city's best therapists in various modalities whom she is always happy to refer to, if need be. And she continues to be open to meeting new members of the health community to work with. 





Registered Acupuncturist, 2008  

Diploma of Human Performance, 2004

Health Sciences, 1997



College Registrar

• CTCMA - College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia


• ATCMA - British Columbia Association of TCM & Acupuncture Practitioners



Sally Horne RAc ~ Registered Acupuncturist

Sally (1).jpg

Registered Acupuncturist - TCM Herbalist

It’s all connected.

Weaving this belief into her practice, Sally draws on her education and experience to treat a wide range of mental and physical health conditions, including:

  •  Psycho-emotional issues, such as stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Musculoskeletal and pain conditions

  • Digestive and respiratory disorders 

  • Women’s health and fertility issues

  • Immune disorders

  • Sleep issues, fatigue, and poor concentration

Your consultation with Sally will take a holistic look at your symptom presentation, medical history, diet and lifestyle. Your treatment may include a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and practical advice.

With a postgraduate diploma in psychology, Sally has been involved in research examining the effects of mindfulness meditation on health and well-being. Sally's interest in Eastern philosophy and meditation has taken her to India, Nepal, and China to study under renowned masters. She has trained in North America as an instructor for a number of secular mindfulness-based programs, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and Cultivating Emotional Balance, which she offers in the format of one-on-one coaching programs



Bachelor of Health-Science (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine), 2008  

Graduate Diploma in Psychology, 2011

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, 2012


College Registrar

• CTCMA - College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia



Keen sense of intuition

“Delphine brings the knowledge of the east to the west. She has a keen sense of intuition to understand her clients and their needs by spending time listening and engaging with logical analysis to formulate the best treatments for her clients. She is able to incorporate a client's requirements and short-term goals into their long-term well being. I am confident in Delphine's care and expertise and continue to use her services on a regular basis.”

— J.J.

Gentle, kind and professional

“I have recommended Delphine to many friends and clients and will continue to do so. Delphine is gentle, kind and professional. She has helped me tremendously over the years and I feel very lucky to have met her. She is passionate about helping and healing people. Whether you have physical or emotional issues, Delphine and her needles can help you.”

— N.H.

A huge shift in my well-being

“I have been quite sick for three years now, I have been to numerous doctors, specialist's, etc with no change in my reactions. The very first time I went to see Delphine I noticed a huge shift in my well being. I have been seeing her for a while now and continue to have greater shifts every week. She sincerely cares about her clients and this shows in her work. She is a very special person and I am very grateful that she has chosen this as her profession because she excels at her work. I know that Delphine gets as excited as I do when I notice changes and improvements in my well being. Please go and see her, just don't take my appointment!”

— R.P.