What is Karma Care?

Quite simply, Karma Care is all of us, caring.

The Karma Care program operates on the belief that money should not be an obstacle to health. In order to provide services to every client, regardless of their financial status, a donation pool exists to help sponsor treatments for those who otherwise could not afford care. Delphine's integral belief is that just as the body, emotions and spirit are connected, so are we all as a community. Your kind donations improve the quality of life for another patient.

How Do I Donate?

At the office: include your donation as a tip with your payment and it will automatically be transferred to Karma Care.

Etransfer: direct your etransfer to delphine@acudelphine.com, using the password: Karmacare.


How Do I Apply for Karma Care?

Contact Delphine to introduce yourself, and include a synopsis of your current health goals and financial need. Karma Care exists to take care of the portion of the fees that you cannot afford. Applicants are accepted depending on the resources available and every effort will be made to provide health support to you.