Compared to meridians, nerves are like super highways that work best when the pathways are clear.

Picture your nerves as Super Highways, efficiently carrying electrical signals through the body. When a nerve is disrupted, be it by compression, injury, or deficiency, it's a road block on the highway. An acupuncturist can help restore healthy nerve signal conduction using acupuncture points to clear the block and revive the nerve pathways.

We can help settle disruptive surrounding tissue, such as spasming muscles or accumulated fluids, to allow the nerve the space to restore function; reducing tremors and reviving muscle engagement. A team of skilled practitioners may be employed to help the patient regain neurological health, with an acupuncturist playing a key role.

Sometimes, electrical stimulation may be added to needles to help restore the nerve function. Delphine has helped to restore smooth movement to tremor plagued and paralyzed limbs and facial muscles. Eye twitches, facial paralysis, limp limbs, are all situations that can be addressed.

Like other tissues in our body, nerves can heal.

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