“Clearly putting my health first.”

I began seeing Delphine for acupuncture early in 2013 following my diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. From my initial appointment, it became quite clear that Delphine is passionate about what she does. She always takes the time to listen to the issues I may bring up, while also opening her heart in order to “hear” the things I may not say. She is flexible and goes out of her way to accommodate my needs, clearly putting my health first. Her intuitive ability to pinpoint my symptoms and apply the appropriate treatment has made Delphine an essential part of my healing journey. Since starting acupuncture with Delphine, my mood and energy levels have improved, and many of the side effects that are most common with chemotherapy did not occur. I have no doubt that Delphine’s focused and attentive treatment has been a strong factor in these improvements. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to Delphine and trust fully in the nurturing care she delivers. I would not hesitate for even a second in recommending Delphine for acupuncture treatment.

— Z.S.

“A natural born healer.”

I wholeheartedly recommend Delphine Baumer as an acupuncturist. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been her patient, seeing her once weekly over a three month period. Her treatments have had an amazingly positive impact on the anxiety I have dealt with since adolescence.

Delphine is a natural-born healer; one of those very rare and blessed people who has found her true vocation. Simply being in her warm and compassionate presence is enough to comfort anyone in need. She always took her time with me, listened attentively to any concerns I had, and followed her incredibly strong sense of intuition in each of my treatments. She has an uncanny ability to understand and empathize with the feelings of others, and uses this to guide her effective healing techniques. She has such a gentle touch and soothing manner; I found myself looking forward to the sessions each week because they left me feeling so peaceful and relaxed.

Anyone dealing with a physical or emotional issue would certainly benefit from contacting Delphine. Not only is she an excellent practitioner, she also believes very strongly in the healing powers of acupuncture. It will be evident from the moment you meet her how much she cares and wants to help! 

— B.L.S.

When long term stress and anxiety were wreaking havoc on my system, a friend recommended Delphine with the phrase: "she's magical". How right she was.  Delphine's acupuncture treatments provided the gentle healing support my body needed to balance my system."   

— J.W.


“Grateful to you Delphine!”

Dear Delphine,

When I came to you five weeks ago, the right side of my face was completely paralyzed!

Two months before, I had surgery to remove a benign tumour and the surgeon apologized for bruising the main facial nerve. He said there was nothing I could do and that my face should recover in six months.

My eye wouldn't close so he was concerned about permanent damage to my eye and sent me to the eye clinic. They suggested sewing my eye shut to protect it! I cried... The option was lots of drops and gel and covering it with saran wrap at night. Lovely:(

The other problem was my mouth. Speaking and eating, let alone smiling, were awkward activities.

People would look at me with alarm and pity. I had a lot of explaining to do. In spite of that, I went ahead with four public presentation about my profession.

NOW, after regular sessions with your acupuncture, for 5 weeks, the recovery is remarkable! My eye closes, it even blinks! I don't need gel or drops or saran wrap! My wrinkles have returned!!! Yayy, I never thought I'd be so happy to see these wrinkles because along with them came my dimple. Expressing myself with my smile is a big part of my personality and the smile has returned. I can talk and eat and even drink through a straw!

Delphine, you, your wisdom, your compassion, your patience and your skill with acupuncture have taught my nerves and facial muscles to heal. In five weeks you've encouraged the healing that would have taken six months. I know that without you, the healing would never have been complete, that there would have been residual effects from the damage to the nerves and muscles. At the end of each session with you, we could see improvements.

Family and friends who've been with me through it all are amazed at my recovery.

I am amazed and entirely GRATEFUL TO YOU DELPHINE!

— P.L.

“Put your trust in Delphine.”

Early last year (2013) I began to feel the effects of living and working in the Middle East and Africa for more than twenty years.  In 2011, I was clinically diagnosed with PTSD Level Six.  This specific affliction was atypical as I always felt much better when I was actually in the field, often times having very few symptoms.  Upon leaving the project I would begin to experience the ever increasing palpitations, flutters and anxiety (among others) and descend to a near state of incapacity.

After learning about the success of acupuncture from veterans with various levels of PTSD, I set aside my skepticism and was fortunate to find Delphine Baumer at Angel Hands in Vancouver.  We briefly discussed my condition over the telephone and she invited me in as a new patient.  During my first visit, Delphine began by setting a calm and confident atmosphere all the while extracting additional information that would aid her in providing treatment.  The method and measure by which she did so clearly indicated Delphine possessed a genuine concern about my state of health. She was not only prepared to provide the physical treatment of acupuncture, but as well offered compassionate and emotional support to me as a person with a deep concern over the underlying effects I carried as a holder of PTSD.

The first treatment was conducted when all symptoms were in a relatively high state of agitation.  Added to this was the trepidation I felt from undertaking something new in a strange environment.  However, an hour later it was over.  The conclusion was a remarkable, almost trance-like feeling with a comfort level that I had not known for some time. Clearly, an unrivaled skill set.

It has been almost a year now since I began receiving treatment from Delphine.  During this time I have attended work in unfriendly nations, each time returning in a state of disarray.  If it were not for my frequent visits with Delphine during my time away from work I am certain I would be in much worse condition, perhaps one that would be completely debilitating.

I cannot describe in completeness the knowledge, capability and technique that Delphine possesses to provide complete and fulfilling therapy for persons who suffer any type of stress and stress-related ailments.  Put your trust in Delphine as I did and begin the journey to wellness.

— L.B.


“Finds the root of your problem

I've seen a handful of acupuncturists from America and Canada prior to finding Delphine and there's absolutely no one else like her. She is very easy to work with, flexible with my schedule and extremely patient to explain everything in full detail. Delphine has always been very attentive to my needs during each treatment which never fails to make me feel comfortable and at ease. I personally think that she is the absolutely best Acupuncture out there. 

Since I started going to Delphine, her treatment itself has improved my sleep quality, energy level and even my self esteem. I feel at peace now in many aspects of my life and in different situations that previously caused me much stress. 

Delphine is friendly, gentle and knowledgeable, she listens and treats each patient individually to their specific needs. Her methods are highly effective as she has successfully treated me and those I have brought to her with various health issues whom now absolutely swear by her as I do. She has also helped me with chronic back and shoulder pain which I had been suffering with for years. It is always a great experience with her and I can't wait to go back every time. 

Delphine finds the root of your problem and rejuvenates your whole body and soul. Her tranquil healing energy alone is compelling and warm. I call her my personal healer. I can’t think of a single reason not to try treatment with Delphine. I would gladly travel a far distance for her personal care. She is simply amazing! 
Absolutely love her! Thank you, Delphine!

— N.D.

“Created a space for me to truly heal.

Delphine is indescribable. Her intuition, knowledge and skills are like any other with the biggest heart I've ever seen to match. She taught me so much as a therapist and client & created a space for me to truly heal.
Delphine and her treatments are pure magic!!


— M.R.